To us, Digital Marketing is an umbrella of activities contained within varying categories. Of course, many businesses won’t have an existing tool in place to support one of the categories we employ in each tier.

In those cases, contact us and tell us which bullets you wouldn’t be able to utilize, and we’ll come up with a plan where you pay for what you use.

In all other cases, the amount of time given to a client each month is what primarily influences the pricing.

Because of that, we offer an umbrella of Digital Marketing services at varying tiers. By packaging them this way, we can offer your business the high quality work it needs, at a competitive market price. You will also be able to only pay for what you require, allowing you to extract the most value from your investment.

Note: Items marked with an asterisk (*) denote services that are provided through an amount of billable hours within that tier.

For example, Custom Pages through Web Development does not mean any number of Custom Pages. A highly complex need may mean only one custom page for the month, whereas very simple new pages may mean 3 or 4 for the month.