Founder of The Ram Agency.

I started Marketing during my college career at Purdue University, with a medium-sized Pizza Franchise known as “HotBox Pizza”.

Since graduating with a double major in Marketing and Management, I have;

  • DJed over 100 Weddings as a Wedding DJ
  • Worked within two different agencies as an Analyst
  • Brought in over 6,000 new Website users for a management firm in Coon Rapids, MN
  • Generated over 18,000 new Website users for a health insurance-adjacent startup in Minneapolis, along with over 500 qualified LinkedIn contacts
  • Taught myself enough Development to self-host websites and other applications for a fraction of the cost when compared to managed hosting

But, I still haven’t found a role where there’s a perfect balance of challenge, autonomy, or professional opportunity for me to flourish in.

I decided to launch a venture as an Independent Consultant, allowing me to reach out to businesses that have challenges of all kinds, not just marketing.

The Ram Agency is a newly founded entity that embodies my passion to solve problems creatively.

I want to connect with business owners, listen to their pain points and frustrations, and propose solutions with timelines and project milestones to get them to a better place. If those solutions involve digital marketing or SEO, then that’s an added bonus.