SEO and Marketing Operations Enhancement for ProSource Technologies

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As a dynamic partner to ProSource Technologies, we led a comprehensive SEO and marketing operations initiative, transforming the company’s digital footprint and competitive positioning. Our strategic involvement included daily operational enhancements and advanced data analytics that streamlined decision-making and fortified market engagement.

Key Services

  • RFP Lead Generation: Implemented a robust process for identifying and tracking relevant RFPs through Bid Aggregator platforms, significantly enhancing the efficiency and success rate of proposal submissions.
  • SEO Strategy and Execution: Led an SEO campaign that revitalized the online presence of a 200-page website, focusing on high-impact content and user engagement.
  • Graphic and Report Design: Produced custom graphics and detailed reports tailored to stakeholder needs, supporting various aspects of corporate decision-making.

Successfully attracted 6,000 new users through targeted SEO practices. Achieved 92,000 impressions, with a notable click-through rate (CTR) of 2.22%, surpassing industry standards. Enhanced content-driven user interaction, reaching a CTR of 3.14% from organic searches, well above typical benchmarks.

SEO Traffic Growth and User Engagement
CTR Performance Comparison

Our strategic and operational enhancements have positioned ProSource Technologies as a leader in its market segment, demonstrating the effectiveness of our tailored marketing solutions.

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Transformation at Nexben

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As a vital asset to Nexben, a startup in the healthcare benefits administration industry, we orchestrated a transformative digital marketing overhaul. This encompassed reorganizing and optimizing email marketing systems, enhancing social media presence, and leading a robust SEO strategy that significantly improved the company’s digital engagement and online visibility.

Key Services

  • Email Marketing Optimization: Conducted a comprehensive cleanup and reorganization of the MailChimp database, involving the segmentation of 10,000 contacts into clearly defined audiences with a new tagging scheme. Resolved critical delivery issues by updating SPF and DMARC records, enhancing email templates to meet enterprise spam score standards, and launching new campaign designs.
  • Social Media Strategy: Managed and expanded the company’s LinkedIn presence from 1,000 to 1,950 followers through targeted content strategies and custom graphic design. Automated content posting and integrated UTM tracking for performance analysis in Google Analytics, while also overseeing the management of the Twitter account.
  • SEO Leadership: Initiated and led an internal SEO strategy, complementing agency efforts by developing targeted keyword lists and managing SEO across 350 website pages. Achieved significant improvements in site engagement, reducing the bounce rate from 80% to 53%, and increasing new users to 18,000 with 50,000 pageviews. Enhanced keyword rankings, with 30% of targeted keywords achieving Page 1 and 2 positions, improving the average position from 47.5 to 20.9.
Year-over-Year Email Marketing Improvements
SEO Progress Over Time

Our strategic and operational enhancements have positioned Nexben as a leader in its market segment, demonstrating the effectiveness of our tailored digital marketing solutions.

Enhanced Digital Visibility for Diverse Industries

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Our collaboration with Augurian, a leading provider of digital marketing services, empowered a broad spectrum of clients across e-commerce, healthcare, and retail sectors. By leveraging advanced keyword research and strategic page-level enhancements, we significantly improved client visibility and engagement in highly competitive digital landscapes.

Key Services

  • Keyword Strategy Development: Managed extensive keyword banks with over 500 keywords per client to drive SEO strategies and content development efforts effectively.
  • Page-Level Strategy Execution: Produced an average of 10 strategic deliverables weekly, optimizing client landing pages to enhance user engagement and conversion rates.
  • User Behavior Analysis: Analyzed user interactions on landing pages, leveraging data to refine and tailor digital marketing strategies for peak performance.
  • Industry Research: Stayed ahead of digital marketing trends through rigorous research, integrating cutting-edge insights into our strategic planning.
  • Sales Support: Enhanced the sales process by utilizing data-driven insights to craft compelling lead conversion materials, showcasing the value of our digital marketing solutions.
  • Technical SEO and CRO: Supported significant web migrations, performed comprehensive technical audits, and conducted targeted Conversion Rate Optimization tests, further boosting client outcomes.

Specific performance metrics are protected under confidentiality agreements. Nonetheless, the strategies implemented led to marked improvements in organic traffic and client satisfaction, reinforcing our agency’s reputation for delivering exceptional digital marketing results.

Comprehensive SEO Strategies for SaaS Platforms

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At nectr, we collaborated with a range of SaaS clients to enhance their organic traffic and online visibility. Through meticulous keyword research, strategic content creation, and technical optimization, we delivered tailored solutions that boosted client performance in competitive digital markets.

Key Services

  • Content Optimization: Managed the optimization and creation of six content-rich pages per month for each client. This included keyword research, content matrix creation, content brief development, and coordination with writers to ensure high-quality content delivery.
  • Technical SEO Solutions: Resolved various technical issues on both the back-end and front-end of client websites to ensure optimal performance and search engine compliance.
  • Strategic Deliverables: Produced approximately three performance-driven strategic deliverables per month per client. These included funnel and lead generation opportunity analyzes, search landscape analyzes, and other strategic insights to promote continued client engagement.
  • Project Lifecycle Management: Oversaw the project lifecycles for client services and internal process improvements, ensuring efficient and effective project execution.
  • Automated Reporting: Automated the research and extrapolation of search engine data to streamline monthly reports and benchmarks using Python and Looker Studio, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of client reporting.

Due to confidentiality agreements, specific performance metrics and detailed results are not publicly sharable. However, the strategies implemented led to significant improvements in organic traffic and client satisfaction, underscoring our commitment to delivering exceptional SEO and strategic consulting services.

Social Marketing and Event Coordination for Loons Coffee

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While contracted as a marketing consultant for Loons Coffee, a local coffee shop, we provided a wide range of services to enhance their brand visibility and wholesale efforts. From event planning and vendor coordination to social media management and wholesale distribution support, we significantly contributed to the growth and engagement of Loons Coffee’s customer base.

Key Services

  • Event Planning and Coordination: Managed event planning and coordination with external vendors, ensuring successful execution of events that boosted customer engagement and brand visibility.
  • Wholesale Distribution Support: Identified potential leads for wholesale distribution, followed up to deliver samples, and created comprehensive datasheets to track efforts and outcomes.
  • Social Media Management: Handled the Instagram and Facebook pages for three months, delivering daily posts and original content. Created engaging videos as Reels on Instagram, featuring special drinks prepared by the barista.
  • Content Creation and Engagement: Developed and posted original content that increased the Instagram following from approximately 250 to 335 followers over a few months.

The strategies and efforts implemented resulted in a significant increase in social media engagement and brand visibility. Specifically, the Instagram following grew from 250 to 335 followers within a few months, showing a 24% increase. Additionally, engagement rates and reach improved, contributing to better customer interaction and brand recognition.

Social Media Growth Insights 1
Social Media Growth Insights 2